Vanessa Douet-Vannucci

I obtained my Ph.D. in Molecular Microbiology and Structural Biology in Marseille, and then pursued my career on brain development and neurodegenerative diseases between Tokyo, Japan and Honolulu, USA. From animal models to clinical research, I have supervised translational research projects within these topics using imaging genetics, and developed expertise in clinical big data mining, modeling, and predictive analytics. I have a particular interest in integrating digital technologies into my basic research projects to model more accurately data interpretations. In 2016, I joined MediaPharmaFrance as research director and as research & development program director, On[e]Life, a bio-accelerator dedicated to biotechs and start-ups bridging life sciences and digital technologies (Marseille, France).

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10-11 décembre 2019 Marseille
Health and Life Sciences Agora


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